Trevor Bajus is an artist and musician who has resided in Brooklyn for the last 12 years. His past employment has been varied, to say the least. Prior to working in post-production, worked as a bouncer, a chef, a manual laborer, and repairing guitars. With 14 years experience in post-production working on both feature films, documentaries, and commercials, Trevor has been fortunate enough to work withsome great directors, contributing to several Jim Jarmusch films, John Cameron Mitchell's Hedwig And The Angry Inch, Darren Aronofsky's The Fountain, Robert M. Young's Human Error, Sidney Lumet's Critical Care and a pair of Hype William's music videos. His experience with post for advertisement includes MTV, Victoria's Secret, Emporio Armani, Belvedere, Revlon, DSW, HBO, Calvin Klein, and Subway. He has also served extensively beta testing for several companies. In addition to working as an application engineer for Discreet Combustion, he has contributed to the development of Shake, Avid Illusion HD, Interactive Effects Piranha, and Jaleo. His technical expertise was called upon to build the core of Brainstorm Digital's new lab, for use on compositing Ron Howard's The DaVinci Code.